eNewsletter September 2010

Hello Friends,
Good News! The August yard sale was a huge success raising nearly $900 for the animals at HAL. Thanks for everyone who donated their stuff! We actually still have enough items left over to have an additional sale, so if anyone knows of a large sale where we could grab table space—please let us know!

Mark your Calendar
Home at Last and Applebees - together we will save one animal at a time. Join us Wed Sept 15th at Beaumont Centre and Nicholasville Rd locations to raise funds for the sanctuary and feed your belly at the same time! Print this flyer and present to your server and 10% will be donated to help us help the animals. Visit Applebees.com to view a menu. A flyer must accompany your paid tab.

Adorable Adoptables
Though summer is coming to a close, we still have a couple of dates at the Lexington Farmers' Market (Southland Drive). So come on out—you just might meet your new best friend!
September 12th 10am-2pm
September 26th 10am-2pm

Carmen is a striking charcoal tabby who was rescued with her buddy Maddie (who has been adopted) when their time had run out at a local shelter back in Dec 2002. In the company of people since she was very young, she is outgoing, playful, and extremely affectionate. She greets every visitor as if they were an old friend. She gets along well with other cats and seems to have their respect. Carmen was adopted in 2005, but then returned in 2009 due to "lifestyle changes". Though we expected her to have a traumatic transition, she actually seemed grateful for the rescue. She has one of the most amazing attitudes we've ever seen--she is brave, loving, and extremely adaptable. She would truly make a wonderful addition to any family.

January is a BIG girl who loves to be loved. She was rescued from a neighboring county after suffering from neglect. Like most large-breed dogs, she is still maturing, but she takes direction well and settles down very easily for attention. She is absolutely gorgeous and adores people. She does well with other male dogs--her tolerance of female dogs will need to be determined on a case-by-case basis. (Pyrenees tend to be dominant and prefer to be around dogs of the opposite sex.) Despite her size, nothing would make her happier than being a lapdog!

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