Bob Barker

HAL Animal
HAL Animal
HAL Animal
HAL Animal
Gender: male
App. Birth: September 1, 2004

Bob Barker's Story

HAL caretaker, Terry, was making a routine patrol of the grounds when he saw tiny Bob, no bigger than his boot, trapped between a tree and a side of a cliff, scratching desperately to the edge, clinging to life. These traumatic early beginnings didn't seem to effect this big boy though. Now, more than 100 lbs and FULL of life, Bob Barker loves visitors and always gives an enthusiastic welcome! He has been in two different foster homes, and had one adoption that didn't work out. His size and exuberance are overwhelming for some families. He has matured though, and responds very well to gentle, but firm verbal directions and training. He needs a family who is patient, and willing to spend time with him one-on-one. Bob Barker is a very sweet boy who is curious about the world and is always ready for a new adventure.

Special Needs: none


This big boy has found his patient, loving, forever home!!

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